I am Crispina ffrench.

I'm Irish born Western Massachusetts raised recycled textile artist, screen printer, and educator with big dreams.

Obsessed with: international thrift store shopping, seeking out vegan restaurants, nature, and adventuring with my family. I've been recycling creatively since before blue bins and making art since I could hold a crayon.

Read on for the rest!

I'm new to this whole online cyber brand game and loving it! Here I am able to consolidate all my creative endeavors and serve my customers, students, and corporate clients. As an art student back in 1987 I made my first Ragamuffin (a super cute stuffed toy constructed by hand from recycled wool sweaters). From that moment on, people saw my work and wanted to buy it. So, without planning or business acumen Crispina (the business) unfolded and became my livelihood.

Ummmm. Sorry to sound boastful, but, I am super blessed!

My parents were amazing artists and founded The Dolphin Studio in 1970 as a side-hustle to their full-time gigs teaching art at the local high school (where I was a student). As kids, one of our household chores was to help print The Dolphin Studio calendar. It was never fun yet in 2010, after the passing of my dad (who was my best friend) my sister Sofia and I took over the family business. You can learn all about that here! 

Most days you can find me, in my studio, in a renovated cathedral, in the heart of the Berkshire Hills of Western MA. My sweet hubby and I met when we were 3 and 5 years old. We have three kids (actually, 2 kids and an adult). We love our handmade home (where my man grew up) snuggled deep in the forest on a remote hilltop.

I should have known that the girl who bought thrift store sweaters, made stuffed toys from them, and sold them from her backpack at music festivals on weekends during college would become a recycling entrepreneur one day.

I'm probably sipping yerba mate, while searching out everyday awesome contributors for my blog, cutting a stencil for screen printing a custom wedding invitation, or dreaming up ways I can help others grow profitable, passionate, authentic and creative businesses that allow them to live more creatively and work less. 

Ya wanna know what rocks my world? Making people feel empowered, whole and perfect just as they are. I strive to follow a path to a community of creatives who connect, share, and support each other 'cause sometimes it's great to have a shoulder to lean on, and and ear to bend or a place to share a great story or laugh. If I can be that person who allows you to find your awesome, my job is well done.


education, workshops, and retreats

Crispina ffrench teaches classes, presents at workshops, and retreats all over the US and in Europe. Offerings include Potholder Rug Weaving Workshops, Sweater Chop Shops, Clothing Alchemy, Toothbrush Rugs, Textile Repair, and more. While subject matter focuses on screen-printing and/or textile recycling, ancillary learning empowers, builds confidence, and allows participants to collaborate, share and connect.  ffrench offers an inclusive, nurturing, and humorous setting for students of all ages and abilities.