A slow fashion pioneer using 100% upcycled textiles.


I’m Irish born Western Massachusetts raised recycled textile artist, screen printer, and educator with big dreams. Obsessed with: international thrift store shopping, seeking out vegan restaurants, nature, and adventuring with my family. I’ve been recycling creatively since before blue bins and making art since I could hold a crayon.  Read on for the rest! 


scrap projects

Turn your expense of waste disposal into a revenue stream and close the loop on sustainable fashion.

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Treat yourself and mother earth. All of our product is artisan made with 100% upcycled textiles.

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If you want something unique, warm, classy and easy to wear, buy one of Crispina’s amazing designs. I now own two of her wonderful, one of a kind sweaters and can’t wait to purchase a third.
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the dolphin studio

Find out about our organization, history, and shop our collection of handmade prints.

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Trick out your summer picnic game with these rad upcycled denim picnic blankets. 

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100% upcycled textiles

We are committed to closed loop textile recycling.